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FPC – About

Syncing Data

Always ensure the app is up to date before making any changes. The latest data is synced automatically every 30 minutes or can be manually synced using the sync button at the top right of the page.

NCR Category Rules

Category A

Any defect* caused by Swan Doors & Windows LTD where the cost** to rectify exceeds £50 + VAT.

Any confirmed product defect*** reported by the customer following delivery, no matter the cause or fault (post-delivery hardware failure excluded).

Category B

Any defect* no matter the cause or fault where category A is not applicable.

*The definition of a defect includes but is not limited to:- paint defects, drops, dents, scratches plus any incorrect or poor cutting, machining or fabrication

**Material and labour to be included in cost calculation – labour calculated at £70 + VAT per man hour

***A ‘confirmed product defect’ includes any defect* that we have determined was caused prior to the customer signing the delivery note and was attributed to Swan Doors & Windows LTD or one of Swan Doors & Windows LTD suppliers and was visible prior to delivery

Auto sync with stock control apps

This FPC can auotmatically sync with the stock control apps when a purchase order is marked as delivered and a single location is listed. For example:- a stillage of W20015 profile is delivered and assigned a single stillage number of S1.

Should the purchase order delivery include more than one location then this must be entered manually into the stock control app.